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Anti-Raging Committee

Sr.No Particulars Name of the Committee Member Member Phone No
1 Head of Institution Dr. L. K. Tripathy Chairman 9822671996
2 Civil Administration Mr. Shivajirao Kamble (Ex. M. P.) Member of Civil 9422647579
3 Police Administration Mr. Fad PSI 9823057141
4 Local Media Mr. Mayur Kemse Local Media 9850304097
5 Non- Government Organization (N.G.O.) Dr. Sau. Jyoti D Ingole Member of NGO 020-27652585
6 Faculty Member Dr. Vidya A. Nakhate Faculty Member 9766314576
7 Parents M. Balram Parents 9204394171
8 Senior Student Priya Tripathy Senior Student 7024731383
9 Non Teaching Staff Mr. Prakash D. Patil Office Superintendent 7721979995

Anti-Raging Squad

Sr.No Name of the committee member Member Phone No.
1 Dr. (Col.) Kunal Bhattacharya Professor 9922229600
2 Dr. Snehal Maheshkar Assistant Professor 9828493736
3 Mrs. Priya Vasagadekar Assistant Professor 9890689772
4 Mr. Amol A. Gavande Assistant Director 9975761235
5 Shirin Ezekiel Hostel Warden 9225633334
6 Dr. Arvind Goja Hostel Warden 8408944226

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