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Anti-Raging Committee (2016-2017)


Ragging in any forms a punishable offence in accordance with the “UGC REGULATION ON CURBING THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS 2009 and committing this act of indiscipline shall result in – PUNISHMENT UNDER THE PROVISION OF ANY PENAL LAW FOR THE TIME BEING IN FORCE.

Sr.No. Name Designation Phone No. Email ID
1 To be nominated and headed by the Head of the Institution Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar Chairman +91 09766545431
2 Consisting of representatives

a. Police Administration

Mr. Vivek Mugalikar

Mr. Masaji Kale

Senior P.I. (Pimpri)

P.I. (Crime)


+91 09921011331
b. Civil Administration Mr. Shivajirao Kamble Ex M.P. +91 9422647579 --
c. Representative of Local Media Mr. Mayur Kemse Manager, Distributor, Lotmat Pimpri, Pune +91 9850304097
3 Representatives of Non Government Organization involved in youth activities Adv. Dr. Ruby Pritipal Chhatwal Social activist +91 9422526508
4 Zonal Officer ‘C’ Zone office P.C.M.C. Muncipal Corporation Bhosari Pune Shri Anna Bodade Zonal Officer 9922501942
5 Representatives of Faculty Members Dr A.B. Sapate Member secretary +91 9225632392
Dr. H. G. Deshpande Chief Warden Hostels +91 9422033660 drhemantdeshpande@gmail. com
Dr Praveen Arora Warden Boys’ Hostels7038490498
Dr(Col) Suri Tripta Warden Girls’ Hostels9764142853 - -
Dr Vaishali Dhat Warden Girls Hos. +91 9922737501
Mr Swapnil Sonje Hostel Co-ordinator +91 9987922635
Rector (Girls Hostel) Girls Hos. Rector +91 9225633335
+91 2027805161
Rector (Boys Hostel) Boys Hos. Rector +91 9225633332
+91 2027805162
6 Representatives of Parents Dr. Govind Siddhapur -- +91 9823019794
Dr Rajeshwari Vohra -- +91 9822650511
7 Representatives of students belonging to freshers category Ms Anshita Tiwari 1st yr 16-17 9453409040
Ms Saumya Verma 1st yr 16-17 7378570222 --
8 Representatives of Senior Students (Post Graduate Dr. Alok Gangurde PG Student +91 8097407433
Dr. Saily Kiwalkar PG Student +91 9766660997
9 Representatives of non-teaching staff and shall have a diverse mix of membership in terms of levels as well as gender Mrs. V. Toraskar (Parab) -- +91 9011182820

* Appointed by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Pune City Vide letter No. Nil Dated 08/04/2011

Anti-Raging Squad

Sr.No. Name Phone No. Email ID
1 Officer Incharge Dr A.B. Sapate 9225632392
2 Dr Praveen Arora 7038490498
3 Dr Vaishali V. Dhat 9922737501
4 Dr Prashant Khuje 8390360859
5 Mrs Vijaya Darekar (Girls Hostel) 9860961671 2027805161 ---
6 Mr N. Choudhari (Boys Hostel) 9960463974 2027805162 ---

Hostel Committee

Sr.No Name of the Member Designation Contact No. Email-Id
1 Représentative of Faculty Member Dr H.G. Deshpande Warden Boys Hostel 9422033600
2 Dr Praveen Arora Warden Boys’ Hostels 7038490498
3 Dr vaishali V. Dhat Warden Girls Hostel 9922737501
4 Mrs Vijaya Darekar Girls Hostel Rector 9860961671 ---
5 Mr N. Choudhari Boys Hostel Rector 9960463974 ---

Hostel Authorities

Name of the Member Designation Contact No.
Dr H.G. Deshpande
Prof. & H.O.D. Obstetrics &
Chief Warden 9422033660
Dr Pravin Arora
Asso. Prof. Dept. of Forensic Medicine
Warden (Male) 7038490498
Dr Pradeep Shetty
Lect. Conservative Dentist
Warden (Male) 9422340343
Dr Vaishali V. Dhat
Prof. Dept. of Biochemistry
Warden (Female) 9922737501
Dr Mamtha G.S.
Class Teacher I BDS
Warden (Female) 9922967325
Dr Gaurang Tamhankar
(Dental College)
Assistant Warden (Male) 8698218580
Dr Kosha Jain
(Dental College)
Assistant Warden (Female) 9501378858
Dr Alok Gangurde
(P.G. Student (Medical College)
Assistant Warden (Male) 8097407433
Dr Saily Kiwalkar
P.G. Student (Medical College)
Assistant Warden (Female) 9766660997

Vigilance Team (Boys Hostel)

Name Department Contact No.
Dr Karandikar Mahesh (Physiology Deptt.) 9225510751
Dr Umesh More (Biochemistry Deptt.) 9422314399
Dr Shailesh Meshram (Pulmanary Medicine) 9823096022
Dr Prashant Khuje (Physiology Deptt.) 8390360859

Vigilance Team (Girls Hostel)

Name Department Contact No.
Dr Mrs Diggikar Pradnya (Medicine Deptt.) 9420169778
Dr Mrs Vaishali V. Dhat (Biochemistry Deptt.) 9922737501
Dr Mrs Shilaja Mane (Peadiatrics Deptt.) 9822595553
Dr Geetanjali Unawane (Radiology Deptt.) 9422607183

Dr. Shailesh Meshram Email Id: M.No. 9823096022

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