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Measures for prevention of ragging at the institution level

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2. An institution shall, on admission or enrolment or registration of students, take the following steps, namely;
  1. Every fresh student admitted to the institution shall be given a printed leaflet detailing to whom he/she has to turn to for help and guidance for various purposes including addresses and telephone numbers, so as to enable the student to contact the concerned person at any time, if and when required, of the Anti-Ragging Helpline referred to in these Regulations, Wardens, Head of the institution, all members of the anti-ragging squads and committees, relevant district and police authorities.

  2. The institution, through the leaflet specified in clause (a) of Regulation 6.2 of these Regulations shall explain to the freshers, the arrangements made for their induction and orientation which promote efficient and effective means of integrating them fully as students with those already admitted to the institution in earlier years.

  3. The leaflet specified in clause (a) of Regulation 6.2 of these Regulations shall inform the freshers about their rights as bona fide students of the institution and clearly instructing them that they should desist from doing anything, with or against their will, even if ordered to by the seniors students, and that any attempt of ragging shall be promptly reported to the Anti-ragging Squad or to the Warden or to the Head of the institution, as the case may be.

  4. The leaflet specified in clause (a) of Regulation 6.2 of these Regulations shall contain a calendar of events and activities laid down by the institution to facilitate and complement familiarization of freshers with the academic environment of the institution.

  5. The institution shall, on the arrival of senior students after the first week or after the second week, as the case may be, schedule orientation programmes as follows, namely;

    1. joint sensitization programme and counselling of both freshers and senior students by a professional counsellor, referred to in clause of Regulation 6.1 of these Regulations;

    2. joint orientation programme of freshers and seniors to be addressed by the Head of the institution and the anti -ragging committee;

    3. organization on a large scale of cultural, sports and other activities to provide a platform for the freshers and seniors to interact in the presence of faculty members ;

    4. in the hostel, the warden should address all students; and may request two junior colleagues from the college faculty to assist the warden by becoming resident tutors for a temporary duration.

    5. as far as possible faculty members should dine with the hostel residents in their respective hostels to instil a feeling of confidence among the freshers.

  6. The institution shall set up appropriate committees, including the course-incharge, student advisor, Wardens and some senior students as its members, to actively monitor, promote and regulate healthy interaction between the freshers, junior students and senior students.

  7. Freshers or any other student(s), whether being victims, or witnesses, in any incident of ragging, shall be encouraged to report such occurrence, and the identity of such informants shall be protected and shall not be subject to any adverse consequence only for the reason for having reported such incidents.

  8. Each batch of freshers, on arrival at the institution, shall be divided into small groups and each such group shall be assigned to a member of the faculty, who shall interact individually with each member of the group every day for ascertaining the problems or difficulties, if any, faced by the fresher in the institution and shall extend necessary help to the fresher in overcoming the same.

  9. It shall be the responsibility of the member of the faculty assigned to the group of freshers, to coordinate with the Wardens of the hostels and to make surprise visits to the rooms in such hostels, where a member or members of the group are lodged; and such member of faculty shall maintain a diary of his/her interaction with the freshers under his/her charge.

  10. Freshers shall be lodged, as far as may be, in a separate hostel block, and where such facilities are not available, the institution shall ensure that access of seniors to accommodation allotted to freshers is strictly monitored by wardens, security guards and other staff of the institution.

  11. A round the clock vigil against ragging in the hostel premises, in order to prevent ragging in the hostels after the classes are over, shall be ensured by the institution.

  12. It shall be the responsibility of the parents/guardians of freshers to promptly bring any instance of ragging to the notice of the Head of the Institution.

  13. Every student studying in the institution and his/her parents/guardians shall provide the specific affidavits required under clauses (d), (e) and (g) of Regulation 6.1 of these Regulations at the time of admission or registration, as the case may be, during each academic year.

  14. Every institution shall obtain the affidavit from every student as referred to above in clause of Regulation 6.2 and maintain a proper record of the same and to ensure its safe upkeep thereof, including maintaining the copies of the affidavit in an electronic form, to be accessed easily when required either by the Commission or any of the Councils or by the institution or by the affiliating University or by any other person or organisation authorised to do so.

  15. Every student at the time of his/her registration shall inform the institution about his/her place of residence while pursuing the course of study, and in case the student has not decided his/her place of residence or intends to change the same, the details of his place of residence shall be provided immediately on deciding the same; and specifically in regard to a private commercially managed lodge or hostel where he/she has taken up residence.

  16. The Head of the institution shall, on the basis of the information provided by the student under clause (o) of Regulation 6.2, apportion sectors to be assigned to members of the faculty, so that such member of faculty can maintain vigil and report any incident of ragging outside the campus or en route while commuting to the institution using any means of transportation of students, whether public or private.

  17. The Head of the institution shall, at the end of each academic year, send a letter to the parents/guardians of the students who are completing their first year in the institution, informing them about these Regulations and any law for the time being in force prohibiting ragging and the punishments thereof as well as punishments prescribed under the penal laws, and appealing to them to impress upon their wards to desist from indulging in ragging on their return to the institution at the beginning of the academic session next.

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