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Measures for prevention of ragging at the institution level

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4. Every institution shall take the following other measures, namely;
  1. Each hostel or a place where groups of students reside, forming part of the institution, shall have a full-time Warden, to be appointed by the institution as per the eligibility criteria laid down for the post reflecting both the command and control aspects of maintaining discipline and preventing incidents of ragging within the hostel, as well as the softer skills of counselling and communicating with the youth outside the class-room situation; and who shall reside within the hostel, or at the very least, in the close vicinity thereof.

  2. The Warden shall be accessible at all hours and be available on telephone and other modes of communication, and for the purpose the Warden shall be provided with a mobile phone by the institution, the number of which shall be publicised among all students residing in the hostel.

  3. The institution shall review and suitably enhance the powers of Wardens; and the security personnel posted in hostels shall be under the direct control of the Warden and their performance shall be assessed by them.

  4. The professional counsellors referred to under clause (o) of Regulation 6.1 of these Regulations shall, at the time of admission, counsel freshers and/or any other student(s) desiring counselling, in order to prepare them for the life ahead, particularly in regard to the life in hostels and to the extent possible, also involve parents and teachers in the counselling sessions.

  5. The institution shall undertake measures for extensive publicity against ragging by means of audio-visual aids, counselling sessions, workshops, painting and design competitions among students and such other measures, as it may deem fit.

  6. In order to enable a student or any person to communicate with the Anti- Ragging Helpline, every institution shall permit unrestricted access to mobile phones and public phones in hostels and campuses, other than in class-rooms, seminar halls, library, and in such other places that the institution may deem it necessary to restrict the use of phones.

  7. The faculty of the institution and its non-teaching staff, which includes but is not limited to the administrative staff, contract employees, security guards and employees of service providers providing services within the institution, shall be sensitized towards the ills of ragging, its prevention and the consequences thereof.

  8. The institution shall obtain an undertaking from every employee of the institution including all teaching and non-teaching members of staff, contract labour employed in the premises either for running canteen or as watch and ward staff or for cleaning or maintenance of the buildings/lawns and employees of service providers providing services within the institution, that he/she would report promptly any case of ragging which comes to his/her notice.

  9. The institution shall make a provision in the service rules of its employees for issuing certificates of appreciation to such members of the staff who report incidents of ragging, which will form part of their service record.

  10. The institution shall give necessary instructions to the employees of the canteens and messing, whether that of the institution or that of a service provider providing this service, or their employers, as the case may be, to keep a strict vigil in the area of their work and to report the incidents of ragging to the Head of the institution or members of the Anti-Ragging Squad or members of the Anti-Ragging Committee or the Wardens, as may be required.

  11. All Universities awarding a degree in education at any level, shall be required to ensure that institutions imparting instruction in such courses or conducting training programme for teachers include inputs relating to antiragging and the appreciation of the relevant human rights, as well as inputs on topics regarding sensitization against corporal punishments and checking of bullying amongst students, so that every teacher is equipped to handle at least the rudiments of the counselling approach.

  12. Discreet random surveys shall be conducted amongst the freshers every fortnight during the first three months of the academic year to verify and crosscheck whether the institution is indeed free of ragging or not and for the purpose the institution may design its own methodology of conducting such surveys.

  13. The institution shall cause to have an entry, apart from those relating to general conduct and behaviour, made in the Migration/Transfer Certificate issued to the student while leaving the institution, as to whether the student has been punished for committing or abetting an act of ragging, as also whether the student has displayed persistent violent or aggressive behaviour or any inclination to harm others, during his course of study in the institution.

  14. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Regulations with regard to obligations and responsibilities pertaining to the authorities or members of bodies prescribed above, it shall be the general collective responsibility of all levels and sections of authorities or functionaries including members of the faculty and employees of the institution, whether regular or temporary, and employees of service providers providing service within the institution, to prevent or to act promptly against the occurrence of ragging or any incident of ragging which comes to their notice.

  15. The Heads of institutions affiliated to a University or a constituent of the University, as the case may be, shall, during the first three months of an academic year, submit a weekly report on the status of compliance with Anti- Ragging measures under these Regulations, and a monthly report on such status thereafter, to the Vice-Chancellor of the University to which the institution is affiliated to or recognized by.

  16. The Vice Chancellor of each University shall submit fortnightly reports of the University, including those of the Monitoring Cell on Ragging in case of an affiliating university, to the State Level Monitoring Cell.

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