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Measures for prevention of ragging at the institution level

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3. Every institution shall constitute the following bodies; namely,
  1. Every institution shall constitute a Committee to be known as the Anti-Ragging Committee to be nominated and headed by the Head of the institution, and consisting of representatives of civil and police administration, local media, Non Government Organizations involved in youth activities, representatives of faculty members, representatives of parents, representatives of students belonging to the freshers' category as well as senior students, non-teaching staff; and shall have a diverse mix of membership in terms of levels as well as gender.

  2. It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Committee to ensure compliance with the provisions of these Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging; and also to monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.

  3. Every institution shall also constitute a smaller body to be known as the Anti- Ragging Squad to be nominated by the Head of the Institution with such representation as may be considered necessary for maintaining vigil, oversight and patrolling functions and shall remain mobile, alert and active at all times. Provided that the Anti-Ragging Squad shall have representation of various members of the campus community and shall have no outside representation.

  4. It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Squad to be called upon to make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents of, and having the potential of, ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.

  5. It shall also be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Squad to conduct an on-the-spot enquiry into any incident of ragging referred to it by the Head of the institution or any member of the faculty or any member of the staff or any student or any parent or guardian or any employee of a service provider or by any other person, as the case may be; and the enquiry report along with recommendations shall be submitted to the Anti-Ragging Committee for action under clause (a) of Regulation 9.1.

  6. Provided that the Anti-Ragging Squad shall conduct such enquiryobserving a fair and transparent procedure and the principles of natural justice and after giving adequate opportunity to the student or students accused of ragging and other witnesses to place before it the facts, documents and views concerning the incident of ragging, and considering such other relevant information as may be required.

  7. Every institution shall, at the end of each academic year, in order to promote the objectives of these Regulations, constitute a Mentoring Cell consisting of students volunteering to be Mentors for freshers, in the succeeding academic year; and there shall be as many levels or tiers of Mentors as the number of batches in the institution, at the rate of one Mentor for six freshers and one Mentor of a higher level for six Mentors of the lower level. Every University shall constitute a body to be known as Monitoring Cell on Ragging, which shall coordinate with the affiliated colleges and institutions under the domain of the University to achieve the objectives of these Regulations; and the Monitoring Cell shall call for reports from the Heads of institutions in regard to the activities of the Anti-Ragging Committees, Anti - Ragging Squads, and the Mentoring Cells at the institutions, and it shall also keep itself abreast of the decisions of the District level Anti-Ragging Committee headed by the District Magistrate.

  8. The Monitoring Cell shall also review the efforts made by institutions to publicize anti-ragging measures, soliciting of affidavits from parents/guardians and from students, each academic year, to abstain from ragging activities or willingness to be penalized for violations; and shall function as the prime mover for initiating action on the part of the appropriate authorities of the university for amending the Statutes or Ordinances or Bye-laws to facilitate the implementation of antiragging measures at the level of the institution.

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